Monday, November 30, 2009

Kenzie's First Trip to Utah!

At the beginnning of November Brett Kenzie and my family and I went to Cedar City Utah to visit my sister Brittney and watch her play volleyball. She did great and they won their game! While we were up there we went to the near by mountains and there was a little bit of snow up there. We went to a park that had a ramada and a fire pit. We built a fire and roasted marsh mellows. It was fun and really cold. I got to use the blanket that I made for Kenzie. I was excited about that. I don't know if I will ever get to use it again if it doesn't start getting colder down here in Arizona.

Family Pictures

Sincemy sister Brittney was in town for Thanksgiving we decided to go to the park and take a few pics with our cameras. I found this pretty waterfall and thought it was a great spot for pics. We probably looked kind nerdy cause we just used the timer on the camera so we would push the button and then run and pose with the rest of the family. It worked out pretty well, the olny problem was there was duck poop all over the grass and it smell really bad!

Rice Cereal

So we decided to see if Makenzie would like rice cereal last week. Turns out she loves it! I was kind of afraid that she wouldn't be able to get the hang of cause she is a little young but nope she is a natural. No doubt she got that trait from her father :) She kept putting her hands in her mouth and sucking the cereal off of them, then she would smear the cereal all over her face it was pretty funny.

Doing The Laundry

I let the laundry stack up all week long until I had a huge pile but Kenzie helped me fold it!