Friday, January 22, 2010

The Waterfall

Brett Kenzie and I all went for a hike today to the White Tank Mountains. It is a really easy hike if you can even call it hiking. The path is paved for most of the way. Brett carried Makenzie in on of those baby back packs and enjoyed most of the hike. It was pretty cold so we bundled her up as you can see in the pictures. Anyway it was still really fun and we got to see the waterfall. That was awesome! It is probably the only place in the valley that has a real waterfall. (I don't know for sure though) It only has a waterfall after there has been a lot of rain and everyone in AZ knows that we just got a TON of rain the past few day so there was plenty of water to see. In order to see the actual waterfall though we had to take our shoes and socks off and walk thought the freezing cold water, but it was worth it. I totally recommend anyone in AZ to go see it soon cause its awesome and you can take little kids cause the hike is not difficult although getting all the way to the waterfall might be. There is also a playgroud near the parking lot for little kids as well. The hike is 2 mile to the waterfall and back, and its totally worth it so every one should go before the waterfall disapears :)