Tuesday, August 9, 2011

2011 Clark Family Reunion

Everyone was roasting giant marshmellows and Makenzie wanted some too so she came up to me and said "I want Ice Cream!" So Aunt Brittney gave her some Ice Cream on a stick!

I think she wore this shirt every day and screamed if we tried to put something else on her.

Kenzie's Favorite person

Lovin' the tent

Cold water!

I'm a Shark!

Going tubing with mom and uncle Nathan

Lobster Riding!

For my families Clark Family Reunion this year we went camping at Flaming Gorge Wyoming/Utah. There is a huge lake up there and that is where we spent much of our time. We had lots of fun on the boat and wave runners, even though the water was really cold. Kenzie loved every second of being outside and being with Grandpa and aunt Brittney. She would hardly even look at me and cried if I ever had to take her away from my dad.

Sleeping in Weird Places

Makenzie has figured out how to get out of her crib and won't stay in her bed. Today when I went to check on her this is where I found her. I though it was pretty funny and had to take a picture.