Saturday, August 28, 2010

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Makenzie loves to play on her cousin Stephanie's little bike and train, but she is a little dare devil. She like to stand up on the seat and let go with her hand. So far she hasn't fallen yet but doubt that will last much longer. She is going to have to learn the hard way because she won't listen when I tell her to sit down. We also recently got a new bike trailer for Makenzie and she loves it. Best part it was only $25 on clearance. We have taken it out a few time and Kenzie just sits there totally quiet and stares.

Dare Devil
Riding the Train
I don't know how to sit on a bike

I love my new bike trailer

I'm Cute!

New Swimming Suit and Pig Tails

Splashing around!

Getting tired after lots of splashing and swimming around.

Big Blue Eyes!!

I thought it would be fun to try pig tails on Kenzie and I thought they looked so cute so I had to take some pictures. My Mom found this cute swimming suit for Kenzie for a great deal and she really needed a new swimming suit becuase she has been using a hand-me-down one.

Kenzie's 1st Birthday!

"I'm One"


Chowin' Down

Goofy smile!
We all sang Happy Birthday to her and she just sat
and stared at us wondering what was going on.

Mesmorized by the flame

Enjoying her own piece of cake.

This is after she ate the cake. :)

On Makenzie's Brithday I went over to my mom and dad's for a little while before they left to go to Wyoming. My mom bought a piece of carrot cake for her to eat. She enjoyed it quite a bit. At first she just poked her finger in it and tasted the frosting but after she tasted it she was eating it by the hand fulls. (and no we did not give her that entire piece)