Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween 2011


AFTER!!!..... We had black lights shining on them. My sister put highlighter on her face and in her hair.

Ready to go to the party

Treasure box prize

I am not forcing a smile at all!

Ring toss

Happy to have my sucker

Here is a close up of the make up

Awww, hugs

Hay ride

I was so bummed this picture was blurry!

One for me one for ... me

What are you up to?

The little mermaid

This is the little pink bear Aunt Brittney got and gave to Makenzie. She named it "Daddy" . . . compliments of Uncle Nick.

This cute puppy was at the community Halloween party and they both looked at each other at the same time :)

I curled her hair!

This is my mad face!

This is my silly face

My Blue Eyed Girl!

Pretty little princess

She loves chili ... apparently

Lots of princesses

After she finished her chili and corn bread she made her way around the table to help out anyone in need of cleaning off their plates.

Haidyn and Kenzie Best friends

This is what he gets for not cooperating.

Cake walk

clothes pin drop

mini golf into a cup

bean bag toss

Halloween story time

I got candy!

Dora's Halloween

Popcorn glove

Well it's the night before Halloween and we have already been to 2 ward Halloween parties and a community Halloween party. Makenzie is getting some good use out of her costume. She is Ariel A.K.A The Little Mermaid this year even though she doesn't even know who that is and refused to watch the movie when given a chance. I put make up on her for the community party and for both ward parties decided to use face paint instead. The face paint stayed a lot better although it was a lot more work. I thought it was pretty cute, Brett hated the make up but said the face paint looked a little better... :)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Emily Sarah and Kenzie at the Park

Love this Pic of Sarah!

Watching Diego

I told them show me your sad face but Emily just couldn't quite get hers to look sad.

I wanted to test out my new camera so I took the girls to the park one morning while I was babysitting and took a bunch of pictures. They came out so cute!