Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Annual City of Surprise Party

The first weekend in December is the Annual City of Surprise party. We saw the hot airballoon and tree lighting on Friday night. On Saturday Makenzie got to ride on an elephant, a camel, a pony and a train. She also got to pet lots of animals. It was overcast and really cold that day so we all had to bundle up on the jackets.

Elephant Ride

How many people can you fit on one elephant? . . . 6 . . . barely!

This turtle was just walking around in the grass so we deciede to get a picture with him.

Me: "Touch the snake Kenzie"
Kenzie: . . . No comment . . .

She alomst touched it until it turned its head and started slithering toward her then she freaked out. I guess I don't blame her.

Kenzie and the huge turtle or tortoise don't know the difference.


Big colorful Birds

I just love this attempt at a smile

Baby Kangaroo

Look mom Birds!

Wooo Hooo Train Ride First big smile of the day!

Pony Ride great smile . . . don't look too happy

Last year they let us walk next to the kids as they were riding the ponies. This year they didn't but Kenzie didn't seem to mind.

There was a bubble machine that blew out thousonds of bubbles so the kids had fun chasing and popping bubbles.

Nice Chicken

The petting zoo

She really was having fun on the camel ride . . . she just would NOT smile

There's that smile

Waiting in line to ride the camel

Cousins and Uncle Dallin

Kenzie and Grandma Clark watching fireworks

Kenzie and I in front of the huge Christmas Tree

I told her it was a baby snake so then she was fine holding it and it looked like a baby compared to the other snakes she saw.

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  1. Whoa that is a sweet party! Kenzie is going to be a heart breaker.