Monday, September 6, 2010

Trip to the Lake

Last Thursday Brett Kenzie and I, and Brett's Sister Stephanie her husband Matt and there little girl Payton all went to Lake Pleasant to take out my parents jet ski's. We had a great time and there was hardly anyone else out there. It was great. We got out to the lake around noon (I think). The guys drove both vehicles down to the place where we were camping out for the day because the lake was so low and we had a lot of stuff to carry. About 4:00 we decided that we were tired and were ready to head home. The babies were both asleep in Matt's truck so the guys were going to drive the trucks around to the dock and Stephanie and I were taking the jet ski's to get loaded up. Stephanie and got to the dock and waited for the guys for about 10 minutes and when they never showed up we decided to go back to see what was going on. When we got back this is what we saw.

Matt's truck in the mud

After a few questions like What the heck? How? and Why? Matt explained that he was trying to be a good father and uncle and was trying to take find the smoothest route since the kids heads were bouncing back and forth. After a while of trying to free the truck with no luck Brett decided to call his cousin Travis to come and bail us out. So we waited and I took advantage of the situation and took some pictures with my phone. Roughly 2 hours later Travis arrived to save us. Well that did not exactly happen as we had all planned.
Travis drove right into a mud pile and we all thought he would be able to get out really easily but unfortunately he was really stuck and could not get his truck out. Every time he pushed on the gas and the tires spun it just made the truck deeper and deeper in the mud. The guys tried for around 45 minutes with no success. So Travis called his friend to come save all of us. 30 to 40 minutes after the call Blake arrived to save us and luckily didn't have any trouble getting Travis out of the mud. Then Travis drove around and got Matt's truck out of the mud. By this time it was 8:30pm and we were all extremely exhausted and were ready to go to bed. It was a very eventful afternoon. :)

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