Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ward Camp Out

Dirty Bottom
Chillin' in the tent

Relaxing with dad by the camp fire

Family Picture, don't we look lovely.....

Now how do you get that brown juice out of this thing?

Dirty Shoes

My little begger girl "Hi, I'm Makenzie, can I have a cracker?"

I was trying to get a close up picture of Kenzie's dirty face and she touched the lens right whhen I took the picture.

Mommoy and Me

Dirty Face Girl

Taking a rest on the chair....(30 seconds later) okay that was long enough

She squats when she goes #2 :)

Picking Flowers

Loving the tent!

That darn shoulder strap would not stay on her
shoulder! Almost every picture of her in the overalls the strap is off her shoulder.

This past Friday and Saturday we had our ward camp out and it was Makenzie's first time going camping. She loved it and if there was a contest to see who was the dirtiest child there she definitely would have won. There was a lot of loose dirt and Kenzie falls down a lot and so her hands and face and clothes were covered in dirt. It was pretty nice weather the evenings were perfect. I was freezing at night though cause I gave most of the blankets to Kenzie cause I didn't want her to be cold. She slept pretty well considereing how cold it was.

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